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Premium Quality Wooden Houses & Cabins, with outstanding customer service and favourable prices!



Skado Medis UAB is a family owned business established in 1999. The Skado Medis company with in excess of  100 employees and twenty years experience in manufacturing wooden houses ensures great customers satisfaction.
More than 90% of our products are successfully exported to Norway.
We have gained huge experience and are proud of our growing sales all over Norway that are coming directly from recommendations and word of mouth. Proving both our quality and reliability.
We are a custom design and solution oriented company that prefers an individual and dedicated approach to all our customers. Continuous dialogue from the first conversation until your housewarming party!



Done right the first time !



Exquisite Craftsmanship

Prefabricated timber frame houses are very cost effective, and made up of multiple wooden modules, which are manufactured at the factory and then delivered on site.

Wooden frame panel technology ensures high quality and quick results. In our production process we use modern technology and buy materials only from reliable certified suppliers.


  • Rapid production process at Factory

  • Energy efficient house

  • Majority of manufacturing at the factory with great working conditions 

  • Fast Construction on site

  • Attractive price

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Unbelievable Variety

We build wooden laminated log houses, which characterize strength and stability. Laminated log durability is over 60& stronger ordinary wooden structures.
Wooden houses are associated with health and relaxation. The house, which you are building, should be designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.
Wood is the most natural and oldest building material. It is breathable,
and environmentally friendly as we source from renewable suppliers only.  It allows for the most favourable humidity levels for your health benefits. Wood is antistatic and helps to avoid dust clusters. This feature is very beneficial for allergic sufferers.
Our technology and knowledge allows us to build high quality reliable laminated log houses for your healthy life.



Within the Norwegian Regulations.

We work within the Norwegian Building Regulations as per to date. Our elements are certified by the Norwegian requirements. SINTEF certified. No TG 204812. We are an approved developer with "Sentral Godkjenning og Ansvarsrett". We have a developer insurance with IF Insurance. We also give 10 years guarantee on our houses and cabins.



What We Can Do For You

What sets SKADO MEDIS UAB apart from our competitors is the quality of the product we are delivering and our team making sure that all the work we deliver is absolutely flawless and to the correct Norwegian Building Regulations, SINTEF certifications.
(Norwegian Technical Approval no. TG 20482).



Skado Medis has a professional team of engineers who actively collaborate with customers and production colleagues in order to gain the highest quality and cost-effective result possible. Visualise Your house and we'll transfer it to professional D2 & D3 drawings.
High expectations make our engineering team focused and professional.

Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows


Skado Medis manufactures high-quality timber houses, prefab panel houses and wooden mobile module buildings. During production we are using modern semi-automated machines and tools. There are working employees who have gained great experience during the past 20 years.  Our products are made according to high international construction standards.

We fully process raw material in our facilities. We are drying it, sorting, sawing, sticking together, calibrating, planing etc. This enables more flexibility, security and faster deliveries.

Skado Medis UAB is located in Rokiskis a rural town, in Lithuania, where we have, currently 4800 m² production base.  We are using the latest machinery and methods including time checked innovation for procedures like drying, gluing, sawing, milling, drilling, finger joining, painting, and also surface treatment. 



We are organising transport for all our products on a daily basis. Reliable forwarding companies help us to arrange deliveries timely, securely and in cost-effective way. We make complex secure packaging, which effectively  uses the space in the trucks.



Our experienced installation teams are ready for construction all over Norway. They have built hundreds of houses and gained huge knowledge and experience in this field. We take full responsibility for all our installation works and quality. We have of course " Norwegian "Ansvarsett & Sentral Godkjenning" and Norwegian developer insurance with IF Forsikring.



Pramones str. 11
Rokiskis LT-42150

+47 92214048

+370 698 18 479‬